Quality Assurance


The goal of the company is to provide services to its customers, that will satisfy constantly their needs and requirements. These services, according to the requirements and needs of customers are:


                                                                    IMPORT, STORAGE, TRADE

                                                      OF KITCHENWARE & HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS

and also comply with the existing national and international laws and regulations.

The services quality, is connected to its modern facilities and equipment as well as its adequately trained personnel and the constant effort of upgrading and improving these.

Achieving this goal is the means to maintain the company as a reliable and competitive unit in this field but also for its continuous improvement and development. This goal is achieved with the function of the Quality System according to ISO 9001:2015. The Quality System, its processes and the objectives that derive from it, are subject to continuous review in order to continuously improve and adapt them (as well as all the activities that make up the System), to the needs and requirements of customers and the requirements of the sector in general. The analysis of the results of internal control and review activities as well as the information received from customers or other external sources and stakeholders is a valuable source of input to the Quality System, in the effort of continuous improvement.

The Management and the personnel of the company are bound by this policy and completely follow the Quality System of the company. The policy itself is subject to the constant review in order to ensure its adequacy to the requirements of the Quality System but also to ensure the coverage of all activities that make up the System.


Stavros Gatzoulis